may my feet be grounded in earth, stable and solid in soil.
may my hands stay connected to bark, leaves, fronds, petals,
roots, seeds, pods,
fruit, vegetables and all manner of growing plant life. may my path unfold before me
like a dirt road charting my journey, divinely guiding me on my way.
may i keep dreams in mind, love in heart, peace in spirit, passion in soul, fire in belly,
faith in practice, intention in life.

Asante Salaam is a visual artist and creative strategy leader. She facilitates opportunities to increase income and quality of life especially for artists, culture bearers and cultural economy stakeholders in New Orleans. As an artist, Asante’s work is rooted in reverence for the exquisiteness of everyday life, and radiates a captivation with utilizing available material, repurposing found objects and remixing natural elements. Her paintings, drawings, installations and artist books reflect on and celebrate the juicy beauty of women, nature, spirit, love, life and creative processes.

She has explored numerous healing modalities and personal development techniques, which is incorporated in her artistic practice. Her creative output includes developing collaborative, leverageable, transformative training and development initiatives for artists and culture bearers; strategizing entrepreneurial start-ups and revamps for clients ranging from a coffee shop café to a fashion co-op boutique; event planning and production for arts programming including Essence Festival and The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival; collaborating with Rwandan women and local artists on a custom jewelry project for “O” magazine; producing commissioned art for “Perseverance”, a book of inspirational essays and poems; and melding handwriting, language and images into artist books designed to inspire, heal and transform.

Asante holds a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and her artwork lives in numerous private collections.  Born and raised in New Orleans by conscious change agent parents, Asante is passionate about cultivating affluence and liberating the human spirit. She believes in magic and folks being more excellent with each other. She travels the world and calls New Orleans home.